Friday, July 08, 2022

Public Service Announcements (PSA)

Okay I have two important announcements.

The first is a pet peeve about what happened to an executive assistant where I used to work, I see people doing the same thing every time I drive to the Cape I post this on Facebook...

"With summer time here we are traveling more on the road but please do not put your feet up on the dashboard… it is very deadly!

One of the sectaries were I used to work is crippled for life.

The last time that I talked to her she was on her seventh operation to repair her hips and knees, and she still needs a walker to get around. It all happened during a 10 mph traffic accident on the Maine Turnpike.

The air bag when off when she had her feet up on the dash, the force of the air bags going off fragmented her knees, hip, and ribs as it drove them into her chest. The EMTs said she was very lucky because mostly the force of the airbags drive the knees into their heart killing them.

So please keep your feet on the floor of the car."

The Dangers Of Putting Your Feet on the Dashboard


The other announcement is just a bit of friendly advice if you don’t want Facebook tracking you.

The above website I got off of a Facebook page and when I copied the URL from the web Facebook added a tracking code. The website’s URL ends with “-the-dashboard/” but Facebook adds “?fbclid=……..” with a whole mess of alphanumeric characters. Through that tracking code they know everyone who read your article and reposted it.

What I do when I cut and paste the link is that I delete everything past the “?” 

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