Thursday, December 02, 2021

So You Think That It Can’t Happen Here?

Attacks on LGBTQ people is increasing around the world, the latest is in the Ukrainian where gay bars are being attacked while the police did nothing.
Neo-Nazis Attack Gay Bar While Screaming ‘White Power’ & Antigay Slurs
The Advocate vis Yahoo
By Alex Cooper
December 1, 2021

A bar in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv was attacked Tuesday night. The attack comes only a few weeks after a far-right group on social media said it would begin targeting "drug dens," which activists say really means LGBTQ+ establishments.

Camera footage posted on YouTube by the Kyiv Dispatch shows about 20 men in dark clothes in front of the bar as they attempt to make their way in, however, security guards are shown preventing them from doing so. The attackers instead trash the outside area.

The neo-Nazis bombarded HvLv while yellings things like “white power” and “death to faggots,” according to the Russian state-funded news outlet RT.
Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, and the other former Soviet black countries are all anti-LGBTQ+.

So what about the US? How do we stack up?
White supremacist prison guards work with impunity in Fla.
By Jason Dearen
November 19, 2021

In June, three Florida prison guards who boasted of being white supremacists beat, pepper sprayed and used a stun gun on an inmate who screamed “I can’t breathe!” at a prison near the Alabama border, according to a fellow inmate who reported it to the state.

The next day, the officers at Jackson Correctional Institution did it again to another inmate, the report filed with the Florida Department of Corrections’ Office of Inspector General stated.

“If you notice these two incidents were people of color. They (the guards) let it be known they are white supremacist,” the inmate Jamaal Reynolds wrote. “The Black officers and white officers don’t even mingle with each other. Every day they create a hostile environment trying to provoke us so they can have a reason to put their hands on us.”

Both incidents occurred in view of surveillance cameras, he said. Reynolds’ neatly printed letter included the exact times and locations and named the officers and inmates. It’s the type of specific information that would have made it easier for officials to determine if the reports were legitimate. But the inspector general’s office did not investigate, corrections spokeswoman Molly Best said. Best did not provide further explanation, and the department hasn’t responded to The Associated Press’ August public records requests for the videos.
How long do you think that the guards turn their sights on us?

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