Friday, December 03, 2021

Can You See A Difference?

In a tale of two countries in one, one inclusive and one exclusive, one that disenfranchises its citizens and one that embraces difference.
New Haven's schools pass a new policy designed to protect transgender students
By John Kane
November 25, 2021

New Haven education officials approved a new policy that they said will help protect the identity, safety and rights of transgender students in schools in the city.

The New Haven Board of Education voted unanimously Monday on a new policy for transgender students rights and protections. Sara Armstrong, who is a parent in the district, told the board that transgender students needed more protection and support as they are more vulnerable to homelessness, violence and suicide.

“I hope that our trans and gender non-conforming students experience what this policy lays out: that they are respected and they are believed when they tell us who they are, that they can bring their whole selves to school and they are going to be safe in doing so and that they will be able to participate fully,” she said.
Meanwhile in the same country states and cities are trying to dehumanize members of their communities. They are denying them healthcare, they are denying them the right to take part in sports and extracurricular activities, they are demonizing them, and they are taking away their rights.

That it the difference between a red state and blue state.

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