Friday, July 30, 2021

What Would You Do?

Do you remember that ABC show by that name?

Well suppose that you are LGBTQ+ and you are getting married, would you invite your anti-LGBTQ+ grandmother? Would you invite her to keep the family peace? Would you give take the high road and invite her?

Now suppose your grandmother is Anita Bryant.
The granddaughter of a notorious anti-gay rights activist is marrying a woman — and she's not sure whether to invite her grandmother to the wedding
By Julia Naftulin
July 26, 2021

Sarah Green said she came out to her grandmother, anti-gay rights crusader Anita Bryant, on her 21st birthday.

After Bryant, a famed singer and devout Christian, sang Green "Happy Birthday," she told her a husband would be in her future.

"And I just snapped and was like, 'I hope that he doesn't come along because I'm gay, and I don't want a man to come along,'" Green said on an episode of Slate's podcast "One Year."

That's when Green said her grandmother told her homosexuality doesn't exist.
Now 81, Bryant lives in a world where gay marriage is legal, and her granddaughter is planning her own nuptials with another woman.

Whoa, talk about karma.
"It's very hard to argue with someone who thinks that an integral part of your identity is just an evil delusion," Green said. "She wants a relationship with a person who doesn't exist because I'm not the person she wants me to be."
So now is the wedding and the bride has a decision to make.
It's been years since Green came out to Bryant. She's now planning her wedding, but is unsure if she should invite her grandmother.

"I think I probably will eventually just call her and ask if she even wants an invitation, because I genuinely do not know how she would respond. I don't know if she would be offended if I didn't invite her," Green said on the episode.
So what would you do?


  1. The 60% who voted to invite her must not remember or more importantly lived through the hate of Anita Bryant. We know her views of LGBT folks so why would anyone want to take a chance that their big day would be ruined by that rabid Christian? Offended, many of us are still offended by her very name. I do not believe that there is a high road here to take at all.

  2. P.S I would love to hear the reasons that all of the "take the high roaders" have for allowing this despicable creature to even be present at Ms. Greens wedding. I suppose we should remember to love the Nazi but hate the sin.

  3. I voted to invite her, which (a) puts the ball in her court, and (b) frees up Sarah and her fiancé from any feelings of guilt (etc.) for not doing so. She probably won't attend, because to do so would make her a hypocrite. If she does attend and makes a stink, she looks like an ass, and they ask her to leave.