Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Driving The Snakes Out

There are some who believe that the snakes were really an euphemism for the pogrom against the Druids.

The new laws in Republican states is having the same effect on trans youth, it is a pogrom against us to cleanse the states of trans youth.
'It's not safe': Parents of transgender kids plan to flee their states as GOP bills loom
Texas mom Amber Briggle said moving would be hard for her family, but “my son always comes first.”
NBC News
By Jo Yurcaba
April 19, 2021

George and Emily Spurrier are leaving their home of 16 years in central Arkansas due to a new law that will ban the health care that they say their 17-year-old transgender son needs.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson, a Republican, vetoed the measure earlier this month, calling it “a vast government overreach.” But the Arkansas General Assembly overrode the veto, and the bill will become law this summer.

Emily Spurrier said when her son heard the news, he sat in her car and cried for an hour.

“It was just kind of a wave of emotions, thinking about moving and then him worrying about some friends that he has here in the Little Rock area,” she said. “And then just the thought that this is really the only place he ever remembers living.”
George Spurrier said that, in addition to the transition-care ban, the Arkansas Legislature is considering several other bills that create an unsafe environment for his son.

“If it had been one or two bills, we may have been more optimistic about fighting and getting through all of it,” he said. “But the fact that they just kept coming one after another after another ... has just kind of demoralized us. Even if everything gets defeated or repealed, the spirit behind them is still here, and we just can't help but feel like it's not safe.”
Make no mistake this is a pogrom and if you do not know what a pogrom is here are a couple of examples…
  • The Holocaust
  • The Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Empire
  • The Serbians in Sarajevo
  • The Catholic Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina also by the Ottoman Empire
Make no mistake, the Republican party is doing this to appease the evangelical christian base that wants to eradicating us.

If you vote Republican you are contributing to the eradication of us, you are complicit in our destruction. You can say that you vote for Republicans for smaller government lower taxes but you are also voting for all their other policies including their attacks on us.

Over 400 bills have been introduced in state legislatures to marginalize us, to demonize us, to destroy us. You cannot separate the killing of trans youth from your vote. If you vote Republican you have blood on your hands.
"Families are in a state of panic, asking what state should they move to. They want to know what they should do next and we don't have a clear answer for them."
LGBTQ Nation
By Alex Bollinger 
April 19, 2021

At least four transgender teens at one clinic in Arkansas have reportedly attempted suicide in the two weeks since the state banned gender-affirming health care for transgender minors.

“My families are in a state of panic, asking what state should they move to, saying their child is threatening to kill themselves,” Dr. Michele Hutchison told CTV. “They want to know what they should do next and we don’t have a clear answer for them.”
If I sound bitter it is because I am. No one should have to flee their homes for their safety here in the United States. No one should have to worry if their child will succumb to the hate.

Now the Tennessee Republicans want to try to ban us from bathrooms again…
By Jonathan Mattise
April 19, 2020

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee House lawmakers on Monday passed a bill that would put public schools and districts at risk of civil lawsuits if they let transgender students or employees use multi-person bathrooms or locker rooms that don’t reflect their gender at birth.

The proposal must now pass the Senate before it can head to Gov. Bill Lee’s desk, with senators expected to vote on the proposal later this week. The bill is one of several LGTBQ-related measures that the GOP-controlled General Assembly have introduced this year that critics have slammed as discriminatory. Most notably, Lee, a Republican, signed a different proposal this year that bars transgender athletes from playing girls’ public high school or middle school sports.

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  1. You got it right Diana. This is to important to ignore. Frankly, I'm surprised to be the first to comment here.
    Anyway, this puritanical madness must stop. These meathead legislators need a swift kick in their private parts and I'd love to be first in line to do it. Oops, did I step over the line with that comment? Sorry, it's just that this makes me so angry.....