Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Your Papers Please...

Or traveling in peace. As I have written in the past different countries impose different laws on us and Forbes has an article about the countries where we are protected and countries where we are not protected.
This Is Where It’s Illegal To Be Transgender In 2020
By Jamie Wareham
September 30, 2020

Transgender people in thirteen countries live under specific laws that criminalise them, punishing them with prison, corporal punishment and, where anti-gay laws are also used against trans people, even death.

However, a new report has also found defacto criminalisation of trans people under laws in 37 countries.

The latest Trans Legal Mapping Report, released by IGLA World today, also finds only 96 countries have processes to allow trans people to change gender legally. But crucially, only 25 are described as not having “prohibitive requirements.”

That means it’s not possible to legally change your gender in at least 47 UN member states.

The 13 countries who specifically criminalise transgender people, mostly using “cross-dressing” laws, are Brunei, the Gambia, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malawi, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, South Sudan, Tonga, and the United Arab Emirates. Iran’s Islamic Penal Code also has severe punishments for bending gender norms in your expression.

The punishments for these ‘cross-dressing’ laws range from fines to extensive prison sentences and in Malawi can even include corporal punishments
This has led ILGA to categorise 37 countries as having laws which are by de-facto a criminalisation of transgender people, and 11 countries with anti-trans de jure (a specified position by legal right) laws. The report authors tell me, there could be many more too, with criminal law – and evidence of it being used against trans people – being hard to obtain.
The latest report by the ILGA can be read here.

While reading the report I had a flashback of a booklet about where we could pee without being harassed, the Transgender Law Center has the booklet “Peeing In Peace” and when I traveled down to North Carolina I was a little concerned about Virginia and North Carolina. Even though I never was hassled it still was a nagging concern for me in the Southern States.

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