Tuesday, September 22, 2020

I Won’t Take This With Even A Grain Of Salt

We are not a big homogeneous family the LGBTQ community, we are just like the world at large. We are many up of individuals and sometimes they individuals go against others in the community.
Trump applauds poll showing 45 percent support among gay men
The poll, conducted by the gay social network Hornet, includes 1,200 responses from American gay men. Trump trailed Biden by 6 percent.
NBC News
By Sydney Bauer
September 21, 2020

President Donald Trump shared a tweet with his 86 million followers applauding a new poll that found 45 percent of American gay men surveyed plan to cast their ballots for him in November.

“Great!” Trump wrote Sunday in a quote retweet about the survey’s results.

The survey was conducted by the gay social network Hornet. The company said it solicited survey responses from its user base and received 10,000 worldwide responses to its candidate poll. The global results found Trump trailing Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, 34 percent to 66 percent, but when breaking out the 1,200 respondents who reported being U.S. citizens, the difference went from 32 points to 6, Trump at 45 percent and Biden 51 percent.

Hornet, which says it has more than 25 million users worldwide, cautioned that the survey was a “voluntary opt-in” exercise and not a representative survey that could predict voter turnout for the 2020 election.

“In effect, the only thing truly measured by Hornet’s results are the opinions of those Hornet users who chose to take the survey, not the broader Hornet user base, not gay American men, and most definitely not the broader American LGBTQ community,” the company’s website stated following media coverage of the poll. “Nevertheless, the data presented below is an interesting peek into a community — queer men — that is rarely surveyed, despite available data concerning the LGBTQ community as a whole.”
And yes there are trans people who support Trump.

Okay first off, this website is for rich white gay men seeking to get laid so the demographics are skewed toward the conservatives. I would imagine that you would find a lot of Log Cabin Republicans on the site and this is just a guest care about themselves rather than the community.

The question is why do they vote against their own interests?

My theory is that they are in the “me” group that thinks more about themselves than others. They are like Scrooge McDuck caring more about preserving their wealth then about others, they despise the “freeloaders” or “welfare queens.” I think many of them are somewhat closeted or have internalized homophobia.

They have blinders on and only see what they want to see. They ignore the thousands on anti-LGBTQ things that Trump has done and only see that their taxes have gone down. 

Today I am doing my first outreach of the fall college semester, of course it will be a video class. For the spring semester I didn't want to do video classes but it looks like there will be no other options for a while. 

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