Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Another Trans Candidate

There is another trans candidate running for office this time for governor in the state of Vermont.
Hallquist Makes History As A Transgender Candidate For Governor
By Amy Kolb Notes
April 9, 2018
History was made at a crowded bar in Morrisville Sunday afternoon, as a Democratic challenger to Governor Phil Scott kicked off her campaign.

"I’m Christine Hallquist and I’m running to be the Governor of Vermont."

With those words, Hallquist became the first openly transgender person to officially run for governor as a major party candidate in any state in the country. But she says she hopes voters will move past that.

"My transgender role, although it will be historic, my wish is that everybody just overlooks that and looks at the policies and my resume and the history of what I’ve done."

Hallquist is the former CEO of Vermont Electric Cooperative. She says her priorities include rural economic development, moving toward single-payer healthcare, education, addressing climate change and promoting renewable energy.
I wish her luck. It is going to be a long hard fight to get recognition and raise campaign funds. Down her in Connecticut Jacey Wyatt in her race for governor accord to the CT Post has only raised $1,117
Jacey Wyatt, the state’s first transgender hopeful, reported a meager $1,117 raised, with $73.71 on hand at the end of the reporting period, March 31 for her Democratic candidacy.
And a convicted former mayor from Bridgeport has raise over a half a million dollars for his try at governor so Ms. Wyatt has a long, long was to go in order to get campaign funding from the state.

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