Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Gender Dysphoria ≠ Liberal

I think most trans people are liberal but there are a few trans people who are conservative most notable Caitlyn Jenner.
Jennifer Williams Is Transgender, Republican, and Not Giving Up
Jennifer Williams, the first openly transgender delegate to attend a Republican National Convention, relishes changing party hearts and minds on Trump's military ban, and more.
The Daily Beast
By Samantha Allen
April 2, 2018

Which means that Jennifer Williams, the first openly transgender delegate to attend a Republican National Convention, is used to being in sparse company.

“I actually do believe that the number’s a bit higher,” Williams tells me, when asked about the two-percent figure. “I don’t think it’s necessarily more than 10 percent but since I have been working as an advocate and activist for several years now, I’ve come to know a lot more trans Republicans than I knew existed.”
So I called Williams to find out why she fights for acceptance within a party that encoded support for “bathroom bills” and conversion therapy into its official platform—and that elected a president who has since rescinded Obama-era guidance protecting transgender students and banned transgender people from military service.

As it turns out, those are all reasons why Williams remains a Republican: Someone has to try to persuade conservatives to stop going after LGB and especially T people.

“We’re not going to change anything if we don’t talk to people,” she maintains. “We have to engage. We can’t just stay in our little Internet silos and be scared.”
That is all well and good, but if they don’t listen to you and feel that you are an abomination will you bring about any change. One thing that I learned you go at the movable middle and not try to change the unchangeable.
She is to the right on economic issues and immigration. She wants individual freedoms to be expanded and government to be limited. She voted for Ohio governor John Kasich in both the primary and the general election.
I think that is the crux of it, economic issues… means I got mine and I don’t care about anything else. An on immigration issues I think it all boils down to I only want people here that look like me and speak like me. As for individual freedoms the Republicans are trying to limit it if you are not white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, but if you are black, Latino, LGBT, or another minority they want to marginalized you.
“I’m not going to tell you that we’re going to get 20 [at CPAC] next year,” she says. “But having people in that space to speak with hundreds of conservatives around the country, particularly younger ones, is essential if we’re going to make things better.”
I wish her good luck.

It is true that those who know a trans person are more likely to support trans rights, but some people are just hate our guts and you are never going to change them.

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