Monday, April 09, 2018

Fleet Footed

Not me, but other trans people are and they are running in races and marathons around the country.
Transgender Runners Can Race Boston Marathon Under Identified Gender
By Alexis Diao
April 8, 2018

Transgender runners who qualify can take part in the Boston Marathon as their identified gender, according to Boston Marathon officials.

The issue has garnered attention following a profile in Canadian Running of three transgender women signed up for the race.
Though there is no explicit policy on trans runners, according to the Boston Athletic Association, the organizers behind the marathon, runners have been asked for "several years" to compete in the marathon with the same gender identity which they qualified. In a statement to NPR, the association says:
"We don't require that runners outline their gender identity history with us, so we can't say for certain how many trans runners are in our race. We do know that we have had several transgender runners in the past."
At the levels of elite competition, registering under one's identified gender has been more of an issue for transgender athletes who were assigned male at birth. The Olympics revisited its guidelines ahead of the 2016 Rio Games allowing athletes to participate without gender confirmation surgery, but requiring female transgender registrants to prove their testosterone levels did not exceed a certain amount.
ABC News reports that…
At least five openly transgender women are signed up to run the storied 26.2-mile race through Boston and its suburbs April 16. And while they aren't the first, their presence helped bring clarity to the race's stance on transgender runners.
And Boston is not alone,
Several other major marathons said they have no official policies but are taking a similar approach to Boston. Organizers of the Chicago, New York City, London and Los Angeles marathons all said they honor the gender that runners submit during sign-ups.
But there's still a wrinkle: Many races, including Boston, New York and Chicago, require runners to show IDs with the same names and genders as their application forms, which can be an obstacle for trans athletes who haven't legally changed their personal information. Race officials said they haven't fielded complaints but will monitor their policies to make sure they're inclusive.
Other sports also have policies allowing trans athletes to compete in their true gender. There was a minor problem here in Connecticut where the sport association said it was only open to “women born women” but when it was pointed out to them that the national sport association did not have that requirement and that it also may have violated state law they quickly withdrew the requirement. By-the-way it was a lesbian who fought for us to have “women born women” rescinded.

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