Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why I Hate Republicans…

Every negative legislation against LGBT comes from Republicans and their latest bill puts a bounty on our heads…
Bill: Catch Trans Student in Wrong Bathroom, Win $2,500The Kentucky measure's sponsor says he supports 'strong anti-bullying laws,' has a gay friend.USA Today
By Steven Nelson
Jan. 16, 2015

Kentucky students using sex-segregated bathrooms and locker rooms could win $2,500 if they catch a member of the excluded biological sex there, under proposed legislation.

The bill intends to crack down on school employees who allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms designated for the opposite biological sex.

But, as written, the bill authorizes lawsuits not only if school personnel approved of such facility use, but also if they “[f]ailed to take reasonable steps to prohibit the person encountered from using facilities designated for use by the opposite biological sex.”
Republican state Sen. C.B. Embry who wrote the bill went on to say,
“I am very much in favor of strong anti-bullying laws that protect students no matter what the reason for bullying may be: fat or short, don't speak plain, sexual orientation, whatever,” he says. In 2012, he opposed a bill that would have required schools to ban bullying based on sexual orientation or gender identity, describing existing laws as sufficient.
It is amazing how they can say they are against bullying but then try to pass a law that sanctions bullying.

It is just like the Republican that introduced the bill to prevent us from having insurance, there is no debate over if it is elective surgery or medically necessary. The legislature already voted to ban discrimination and they didn’t add any exception for insurance.

Connecticut used to be a state of moderate Republicans but as out of state money pours in it has become radicalized. In 2007 when the gender inclusive anti-discrimination bill was voted on in the Senate the vote was 30 - 4, but in 2011 the vote was right down party lines, 20 - 16 with not one Republican voting for the bill.

All these mean-spirited legislation all are to legalize bigotry and discrimination against LGBT people.


  1. I agree. Will they ever learn to mind their own business? Julia

  2. That's shameful legislation!