Friday, January 30, 2015

Gender-Neutral Shopping

Hmm… an interesting concept.
Selfridges goes unisex: Oxford Street department store to stock gender neutral fashion ranges for both men AND women
  • Three of the department store's floors are being made 'gender neutral'
  • Oxford Street store Selfridges has launched five unisex fashion collections
  • Unisex range Boy London even had celebrity fans such as singer Rhianna
  • The store is also presenting mixed-gender beauty products and accessories
Daily Mail
By Hannah Parry
Published, 24 January 2015

Now Selfridges is launching 'gender-neutral' shopping to allow consumers to buy clothes without being restricted to men's or women's fashions.

The Oxford Street department store has announced it will be axing its separate women and menswear departments in favour of three floors of unisex fashion. It is also getting rid of its traditional mannequins.

Selfridges believe that shoppers no longer want to be defined or limited by their gender as to what they can wear. Instead they are able to shop for unisex or 'agender' clothing. 
Is this the future? Is this just a publicity stunt?
'A lot of our men's collection influences our women's and vice versa,' she [Jane Shepper, chief executive of Whistle] added.

Cos and Gap have all noticed increases in the number of women buying menswear, while men have also been picking up women's knitwear for themselves.
Or are there just more trans people buying clothes?

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