Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Holding Hands

I found an article on Bilerico about LGBT couples holding hands. What caught my attention was one line in the TEDxDublin video where she said some like, all it takes is one comment to turn a lovely afternoon from a moment to remember to a moment you want to forget.

But the comments that people make toward trans-people. What popped into my head you I heard her say that was back to a COS banquet when I was walking to the banquet through the hotel lobby; one man muttered “Freak” as I walked by, I went from walking on “Cloud Nine” to the deeps of self-loathing with that one words.

The other video that Bilerico had in the article was about a radio DJ who tried an experiment by walking around holding another man’s hand and the looks and comments they received. I have a friend whose husband transitioned and she had to adjust to all the stares that they received when they held hands or she rested her head on her shoulder.

Some say that this microagression doesn’t bother that they just shrug it off, but I don’t believe them. I believe that all these little digs gets to everyone over time, it is like a dripping faucet, it is not the one drip that gets to you but the repeated drip, drip, drip… that wears you down.

People are cruel to those who are different from themselves whether they are have a congenital disability or are too tall or too short or too fat or their sexual orientation or gender expression. It is those who can’t integrate in to society because they visibly stand out are the ones who are harassed, who are excluded from the tribe, who are shunned.

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