Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Maybe A New Leaf Has Turned

With the new Pope people have said it is a whole new ballgame and I said “Show me the proof,” well it looks that there is some indication that there is change in the Catholic Church,
Catholic Deacon Pens Inspiring Letter On Parenting Transgender Children
The Huffington Post
 By Antonia Blumberg
Posted: 01/06/2015

For parents struggling with how to react when their child comes out as transgender, Catholic Deacon Ray Dever has three words of advice: Love your children.

In a touching blog published on the LGBT Catholic site, New Ways Ministry, Dever described his own experience having a child reveal her transgender identity while studying at Georgetown University. This happened shortly after Pope Francis made the groundbreaking remark "Who am I to judge?" in regards to the LGBT community and plunged his family "into all the questions and issues that Catholic families with LGBTQ children face."
"How can the Catholic Church discern how the Spirit is moving if it doesn't hear firsthand from the people that are directly affected by institutional policies and practices? Deacon Dever's essay shows that there is important evidence and valuable perspectives that the Church has not even examined."
This is just a small positive steep in the right direction, will others follow? Only time will tell. The Catholic Bishops are still opposing sexual orientation and gender identity non-discrimination legislation and they are still claiming the right to discriminate against us in parochial schools against LGBT people, employees and students.

Only time will tell.

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