Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On The Road Day 8 – Good-byes

Yesterday was a day of good-byes. I went over to my brother and sister-in-law’s rental cabin and hung out there all day with the family. My niece and nephews and their spouses went to the Biltmore Estate and I stayed with my brother and sister-in-law and their grandkids at the cabin. It was 90+ degrees and the pool looked awful inviting, but I didn’t have a bathing suite. So a quick trip to the store fixed that and the water was SO good!

There were twenty-eight of us there at the cabin, eighteen adults and ten child, and we came from seven states. What was nice to watch, was the children. All the cousins playing together, their ages were from eight to three years old and they got along so good together. For dinner, my nephew and his brother-in-law cooked dinner, leftover BBQ beef brisket from the wedding and pork tender loins.

The repair place said that they would have the car ready by five and hopefully, it will be sooner. Therefore, we are going to have to drive through the night because my cousin’s husband is schoolteacher and he has to be back by 9:00AM tomorrow! I am not looking forward to the drive; I can’t sleep in a car. We have three drivers, so each of us will drive for four hours and with luck and no construction delays we should be there by seven in the morning.

Update 9:12AM The car will not be ready today, they have to replace the transmission! The worst part, is that I only have enough meds until Thursday. Lucky I brought two extra days of meds or I would have been out by now.

Day Nine is here.

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