Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Saturday Six – Episode 320

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six – Episode 320

1. Which would you rather be without: your teeth or your hair?

Since I already lost my hair, I’ll cheat and say my hair

2. If you had to lose one, would you lose an arm or a leg?
A leg, because you can always have an artificial leg, but a hand is harder to replace.

3. Would you rather have a beat-up jalopy that never breaks down or a stylish sports car that breaks down at least once a month?
The jalopy.

4. Would you rather be able to write well or speak well?

Write, I am a good public speaker, but my writing needs improvement.

5. God offers you the chance to meet him in person, which would require you to be the strictest of his followers: would you rather meet him and accept that responsibility, or not meet him and live on faith?
Which of his followers, Christians? Jews? Muslims? Hindus? Buddhists? Witchens?
I rather not meet him; I rather just go on living my life on faith.

6. Take the quiz: The Either Or Love Test

Your Love Style is Balanced

You tend to approach falling in love practically. You don't let your heart get ahead of your head.

You see love as the most important part of your life. You don't obsess over it, but it is what gets you up in the morning.

You see love with your head, and you believe in working on a relationship. You think communication is key - as well as core compatibility.

You are swept off your feet by words of love. A love letter or love poem from your sweetie can make your heart melt.

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