Sunday, June 06, 2010

Saturday Six – Episode 321

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six – Episode 321

1. When moving to a new place to start a new job…are you more likely to look for friends at work or outside of work first?
Since I have always lived in the same town, I don’t know what I would do. However, I would guess that I would look for new friends both at work and outside. Since I do a lot of volunteer work, that would be a good place to start outside of work.

2. You notice that their way of doing things seems inefficient based on your own experience with a much better procedure. Assuming your way wouldn’t represent any major expense for the company, how quickly would you suggest it?
Maybe after two or three months, after I got the lay of the land.

3. A co-worker invites you have a beer after work: if it’s someone you’ll have to work with closely, but you’re not one who likes bars, how likely are you to accept the invitation?
I’m not big on bar scenes. I might go because basically I hate going to a bar alone, so it might soften my dislike of bars.

4. Suppose you decide to accept, and the co-worker spends much of the evening complaining about problems you’ve already noticed. Are you more likely to add your two cents’ worth on the problems, express your take on what’s right with what you’ve seen so far, or just let him vent and take mental notes?
I would just let him vent and take mental notes, wondering if it is just him or is it the new company.

5. The same co-worker invites you to a cocktail party that will mostly be attended by other colleagues, all of whom feel the same way he does. If you suspect that the atmosphere might be negative, but that you’re likely to find out some secrets that could potentially give you some leverage against some people who have wasted no time in making you miserable in the new job, how likely are you to attend?
Now I would be worried about what type of company that I am working at. Or is this just a bunch of misfits that I do not want to be associated with at work.

6. Take the quiz: The Cocktail Test

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