Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Six – Episode 297

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six – Episode 297

1. Have the Christmas trees you or your closest relatives have put up more often been real or artificial?
I always had a cut Christmas tree. My brother and his family usually have cut tree when they are allowed to have them (some apartments prohibit them).

2. How do you prefer Christmas decorations on a tree to look: more uniform within a certain color scheme or design or with a lot of variance?
Sometimes when I had Christmas trees I had all white lights, sometimes they were all blue or red and sometimes they were mixed colored lights. I like a tree with a lot of lights and Christmas ornaments. I have some Christmas ball ornaments that were my grandmothers.

3. Christmas ornaments as a Christmas gift: good idea or bad?
It depends, so friends collect Christmas ornaments and they know the story of each ornament on the tree.

4. Take the quiz: The Christmas Tree Test

You Are Blissfully Content

During the holidays, you have a lot to be thankful for. And even if you are having a hard time, you do your best to express gratitude.
You are a glass half full type of person. You try to see life as a gift.

You believe that it's important to stay positive and peaceful. Not just for your own mental health, but for also for the mental health of those around you.
The gift of optimism is the best thing you could possibly give. And you give it well.

5. What’s the most unusual Christmas tree you remember from your childhood?
One year we had an aluminum tree, we threw it out after Christmas it was horrible!

6. What’s your worst Christmas tree experience?
I have an atrium that goes from the basement up to the second floor and it has an all glass wall on the south facing wall. Well, I got the bright idea the first Christmas in my new house to have a Christmas tree that went up to the ceiling, some 30 feet.
I went to a Christmas tree lot to pick out a tree and I found a perfect 28 ft tree! When I was cutting down and it fell with a whumph, I knew then I was in trouble. I had borrowed my father’s Sable station wagon and the tree was about 5 ft longer than the car!
In order to bring it into the house, I had to take down the sliding glass doors and I need three friends to help me lift it upright in the atrium. It took eight sets of 100 bulbs lights and 4 days to decorate the tree. To trim the tree, I had to trim the basement level as high as I could reach, trim the mid-section from the first floor balcony and then use a house ladder to trim the top and put on the star.
I was beautiful! You could see it from just about every room in the house. When you were in the living room and you just saw “tree”, no top, no bottom, just this big green multicolored lighted tree. To give you an idea of the size of the space, this picture is looking from my master bedroom balcony. The balcony into the living room is off to the left of the picture, part of the sliding glass door is visible. Looking down is the basement level with its sliding glass door under the balcony. The other photo is looking up from the basement at the master bedroom balcony and the windows to the right is the stairway.

When I took down the tree, I used a chainsaw to cut it up into pieces so that I didn’t have to take out the doors again.

So that is my worst and best Christmas tree story.

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