Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Six – Episode 296

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six – Episode 296

1. Who was the last person you had an in-depth conversation with?
Another student, he wanted to talk about my class presentation that I gave the week before.

2. Would you prefer to talk to this person face to face, by phone, or by internet chat?

I prefer face to face conversations, I need the visual feedback.

3. In a group setting, are you happier listening to a conversation or leading it?
Listening, but it really depends on the topic of the conversation.

4. How often would you say that listening to other people’s opinions in a conversation actually changes your own?
Sometimes, once again it depends on the topic of the conversation.

5. Take the quiz:
Do You Talk Too Much?

You Don't Talk Too Much

You have mastered the art of conversation. You understand that listening is as important as talking
Like anyone else, you think that the things you have to say are important and interesting. You just know that not everyone is interested in hearing them.

You wait your turn, speak your piece, and quickly turn the conversation back to your partner.

You may choose your words carefully, but people consider you to be more of a brilliant conversationalist than some chatty know-it-all!

6. Have you ever had a telephone conversation in which you or the other party actually asked to hang up first?
I don’t quite understand the question, there are times when a phone call comes at a bad time, I’m getting ready to go out or I’m heading out the door, I’m eating or I’m busy. On the other hand, I do not make or receive many phone calls. I talk only about 30 minutes a month on the phone.

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