Wednesday, September 22, 2021

What Do You Expect From Texas?

This is not unexpected from a Republican state, Texas is challenging Title VII trans inclusion.
Texas sues Biden administration over guidance on transgender worker rights
The Hill
By Mychael Schnell
September 20, 2021

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) on Monday sued the Biden administration over guidance it released in June requiring employers to offer certain protections to transgender workers.

Paxton's lawsuit - which names Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Chairwoman Charlotte Burrows and Attorney General Merrick Garland as defendants - asks for declaratory and injunctive relief against the enforcement of the June guidance, which it says is "unlawful."

The EEOC released guidance in June that said employers are not allowed to stop transgender employees from dressing in a way that is consistent with their gender identity and said employers cannot deny transgender individuals from accessing bathrooms, locker rooms or showers that correspond with their gender identity.
Okay the Trump administration stripped protection for us and president Biden administration restored the protection but the thing is there was a Supreme Court ruling in our favor which the Trump administration ignored.
The guidance was based on a June 2020 decision from the Supreme Court - Bostock v. Clayton County - which said the prohibition against sex discrimination that is included in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 includes employment discrimination against an individual based on sexual orientation or transgender status.
I would laugh if this was so important but the Civil Right Act is settled law, many court have up held Titles VII and IV.
"States should be able to choose protection of privacy for their employers over subjective views of gender, and this illegal guidance puts many women and children at risk," Paxton said in a statement.

"If the Biden Administration thinks they can force states to comply with their political agenda, my office will fight against their radical attempt at social change. These backdoor attempts to force businesses, including the State of Texas, to align with their beliefs is unacceptable," he added.
The thing is the law applies to interstate commerce, if they do business across state line the Civil Rights Act applies, also if they receive federal funding the law applies.

But Texas is not along in attacking Titles VII and IX.
The lawsuit comes after a group of 20 GOP-led states filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration last month over guidance that said the Bostock decision could also be applied to transgender workers and students when using bathrooms, locker rooms or joining sports teams.
Bostock v. Clayton County case was where a funeral home fired an employee when she transitioned and the Supreme Court ruled that it violated Title VII sex discrimination. The court said… “That’s because it is impossible to discriminate against a person for being homosexual or transgender without discriminating against that individual based on sex.”

I don’t that their case has a leg to stand on but it is always a crap shoot when it comes to the courts.

Here in Connecticut a Catholic high school is thumbing its nose at the none discrimination laws and they will probably get away with it.
St. Paul Catholic High School added a gender identity policy to its handbook. Alumni are asking for it to be removed, calling it ‘transphobic’ and ‘grossly harmful’
Hartford Courant
By Amanda Blanco
September 21, 2021

More than 250 alumni of St. Paul Catholic High School in Bristol are asking school leaders to remove a gender identity policy added to the 2021-2022 student handbook, calling the language “transphobic” and “grossly harmful to past, present and future students.”

In an open letter, first reported by The Bristol Press, the alumni take issue with a handbook passage that states: “God made male and female in His image and likeness. He made every child exactly as He intended.”

“Accordingly, and consistent with Archdiocesan OEEC policy,” the section continues, “St. Paul Catholic High School shall accept and relate to students and all members of the school community, for the duration of their years in attendance at St. Paul, according to their God-given, biological sex as male or female consistent with the complementary nature of each, and maintain appropriate distinctions between males and females especially in issues of facilities use, athletic teams, uniforms and nomenclature.”

The handbook also says the school “shall not sponsor, facilitate, or host such organizations, events, or activities that would promote views contrary to Catholic doctrine regarding human sexuality and gender, either on or off campus, or thorough social media,” and a “pastoral approach consistent with Catholic Church teachings must be used in addressing matters of gender, including transgenderism, and gender dysphoria.”
It is Catholic doctrine that will probably let them get away with it.

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