Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Around The World…

We have seen attacks both physical and legislative rise around the world, the worst is in eastern Europe.
Thousands march in Ukraine for LGBT rights, safety
AP News
September 19, 2021

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Some 7,000 people gathered in Ukrainian capital on Sunday for the annual March for Equality to support the rights of the country’s LGBT community.

Equipped with colorful costumes and rainbow flags, the crowd marched down the central streets of Kyiv, some carrying banners reading “Fight for right!” Participants announced eight demands for Ukrainian authorities, including the legalization of civil partnerships for LGBT people and the creation of laws against LGBT hate crimes.
The march was guarded by police, who sought to prevent clashes with far-right groups that attempt to disrupt the event every year. Ukraine’s human rights ombudswoman Lyudmyla Denisova urged radical groups to refrain from violence.
I salute those that marched. I have marched in some Pride and Trans parades but it didn’t take courage to do so, it was more like a party atmosphere but in Ukraine and other eastern European countries it can cost you your life.
Big Pride parade in Paris; Turkish police stop marchers
AP News
By Frances D'Emilio and John Leicester
June 26, 2021

ROME (AP) — Police in riot gear on Saturday blocked streets to try to thwart gay Pride marchers in Istanbul, while thousands turned out joyfully in Paris and elsewhere in Europe after pandemic privations — although setbacks against LGBT rights tempered some of the celebratory air.

Authorities have banned Istanbul Pride events since 2015, citing public security, and more recently, COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. The Cumhuriyet newspaper said at least 25 people were detained.
In Italy, thousands of Pride celebrants rallied in Rome and in some smaller cities.

With a proposed law to combat hate crimes against LGBTQ people stalled in the Italian Senate for months, the Vatican and right-wing political leaders have been lobbying to eliminate some of the provisions, citing fears the legislation will crimp freedom of expression.
A new Hungarian law prohibits sharing content on homosexuality or sex reassignment to people under 18 in school sex education programs, films or advertisements. The European Union nation’s government says the law aims to protect children and insists it doesn’t target gays. Critic says the law links homosexuality with pedophilia.
Many participants in Paris expressed alarm about rollback of rights in Hungary and Poland, two EU nations led by right-wing governments.

“If European leaders tolerate this, what’s to stop them from tolerating that at home? said Mornia Paumelle—Pichon, a 26-year—old illustrator.
At Pride’s around the country here we have almost a party like aura of celebrations, we forget that south of the Mason–Dixon line we are still being persecuted for being LGBTQ+. For many in the south they still can lose their job, their housing, and be refused service for being trans or gay or lesbian or queer. They don’t have legislative LGBTQ+ committee to advise the legislature on issues affecting our community.

Lets show the world what it means to be an out and proud trans person.

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