Tuesday, February 23, 2021

I Got Shot!

 I just got my second dose.

I got my shots in Middletown at CHC, I got there about 15 minutes early for my second vaccination and I was just sitting down and my butt didn’t even touch the chair when they called my name. I got my shot from a student nurse from UConn and then waited the15 minutes.

As I was sitting there waiting I looked around and everyone was staring at their smartphones as I was getting mine out to play solitaire. I was thinking that back in the old days we would be staring at the wall and twiddling our thumbs.

Right now I just have a sore arm and the sniffles.

My first shot back in January it was like "Old Home Week." There was a classmate UConn Social of Social Work, I medical student from Quinnipiac whose class where I did a guest lecture there a couple of years, and CHC employee who also attended a training I did at CHC for homeless people.

Today's shot there wasn't anyone there that I knew,

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