Friday, October 30, 2020

I’m Worry About Them

Young trans people, I worry about them being “out,” my concerns about crazies who might want to do harm to them is happening now.
A mother told Biden about her transgender 8-year-old child. Then came the attacks.
Washington Post
By Samantha Schmidt
October 29, 2020

In Joe Biden’s town hall earlier this month, one of the questions came from a woman named Mieke Haeck, a 42-year-old physical therapist from State College, Pa.

“I’m the proud mom of two girls, 8 and 10,” Haeck said at the televised event in Philadelphia, while her husband and children watched from their living room. “My youngest daughter is transgender.”
Then the haters attacked spewing their threats of violence.
But by the next day, Biden’s answer — and Haeck’s family — had become the subject of political attacks from conservative commentators and social media trolls.
Fox News’s Tucker Carlson described parents like her as “crazed” ideologues who “would tell the rest of us that an 8-year-old is entitled to hormone therapy on demand and permanent, life-altering surgery,” even though Haeck’s daughter had gone through no such medical interventions. When she woke up in her hotel room in Philadelphia the morning after the town hall, the first message Haeck saw on Facebook threatened to kill her and her husband and take away their children.
Schilling [the executive director of the American Principles Project] defended the claims in an interview with The Post, saying Biden’s comment about “zero discrimination” implied that “children should have a right to live as the gender they identify with, even if opposite from their biological sex, and have access to any medical treatments that will facilitate this.”

Then the Log Cabin Republicans jumped in with their transphobia comments…
But whatever comfort Haeck took in Biden’s comments has since been replaced by anxiety. Having been swept up in a disinformation campaign, she is fearful of how her exchange with Biden is being used by some to advocate against transgender children like her daughter. “They really are trying to provoke strong emotions in people around this lie for their own political gains,” she said. “It has nothing to do with concerns for kids.”

The Republicans and conservatives say they are pro-life but they don’t care if they hurt the children as they spread their ideology of hating us and those who are different from them.

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