Monday, October 19, 2020

Beat The Trans Out Of You

It seems like the right wing Christians are at it again; anything goes when it comes to LGBTQ+ children.
Young trans men share brutal accounts of conversion therapy camps, where they were abused and forced to carry heavy rocks
For years now, secretive online networks of anti-trans parents have been forming on both sides of the Atlantic, looking for conversion therapy proponents who are “gender critical”.
Pink News UK
By Brynn Tannehill
October 2, 2020

The parents hope that these therapists will refuse to affirm a child’s own sense of their gender identity, and somehow convince their children that they are not trans.

While so-called “gay conversion therapy” – a harmful and discredited practice that attempts to convince or force a gay, lesbian or bisexual person into believing that they are heterosexual – has been in the British news recently while the Tory-led government considers banning the practice, conversion therapy for trans youth is less often talked about.
However, affirming therapists accept the gender identity of their patients regardless of the outcome being cis, trans or non-binary. For gender critical therapists, the only result they will accept is cis, suggesting where attempts to railroad youth into a particular gender identity actually occurs.
Here in Connecticut both are banned, gay conversion therapy and trans conversion therapy.

Here is my prediction, with Justice Barrett on the bench we will see a case go to the Supreme Court on the legality of gay conversion therapy bans saying that it infringes upon their “religious freedom” to beat and torture children. And sadly I think they would win even through lower courts in the past have upheld the laws.

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