Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Will This Make A Difference?

Looking at how depathologize of gays and lesbians affected them I would say depathologize of gender dysphoria will have the same result.
The World Health Organization Will Stop Classifying Transgender People as Having a 'Mental Disorder'
By Suyin Haynes
May 28, 2019

The World Health Organization (WHO) will no longer categorize being transgender as a “mental disorder”, after a major resolution to amend its health guidelines was approved May 25.

The United Nations’ health agency approved a resolution to remove “gender identity disorder” from its global manual of diagnoses, in a move that will have a “liberating effect on transgender people worldwide,” says Human Rights Watch. According to the newly-revised version of the International Classification of Diseases (known as ICD-11), published by the WHO, “gender identity disorders” have been reframed as “gender incongruence.” Gender nonconformity is now included in a chapter on sexual health, rather than being listed with “mental disorders” as was the case previously. Activists are now hoping that the ICD-11 will be implemented by the WHO’s 194 member states over the next three years.

In several countries around the world, the process of medically transitioning gender is based on the now-outdated ICD framework, which classifies being transgender as a “gender identity disorder” under the category of “mental disorders.” In Japan for example, the law requires those seeking to transition gender to have a diagnosis of “gender identity disorder” and to be sterilized before their new gender identity can be reflected on official documentation. U.N. member states, of which Japan is one, are now responsible for putting ICD-11 into practice at a national level, a lengthy process that has been given a target deadline of January 1, 2022.
Okay first let me say that I fully support this, we need to get us out of the DSM and into the ICD.

Let’s look at how depathologizing of sexual orientation effected gays and lesbians, well first it freed them from the closet and eventually lead to the merry-go-round golden ring of marriage equality. It lead to decriminalizing of being gay or lesbian, it lead to protections, and it lead to the normalization of being gay or lesbian. What it didn’t do change the minds of the bigots.

I see removing us from the DSM and being labeled with a “mental disorder” will have the same effect, the bigots will still hate us, and businesses will still discriminate against us but we will be accepted into society more readily.

What it will also do is shoot down Trump saying we can’t serve in the military because we have a “mental disorder” and all the things his cabinet has done against us will be harder to justify.

So the overall result I see in removing the categorization of having a “mental disorder” very positive, now if only the APA will do the same thing.

Okay, okay I did use the fact that I was diagnosed with a “mental disorder” once. I was in a jury pool for a very ghastly murder case where the defendant was going to plea “temporary insanity” and the judge asked of the jury pool, “has anyone been diagnosed with a “mental disorder?” my hand went up so fast… I was excused from the case.

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