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What will your legacy be when you are pushing up daisy? What will your balance sheet look like?

I will like my legacy be that I made life for the next generation of trans people easier. For politicians some will be balanced positively while others will be doing time in hell for the hell that they made our life here.
Prime Minister Theresa May’s LGBT legacy as she resigns
Pink News
By Nick Duffy
24th May 2019

UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced on Friday (May 24) that she will resign next month after failing to negotiate a Brexit deal in parliament ahead of Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Standing outside 10 Downing Street on Friday morning, May revealed she will stand down as leader of the Conservative Party on June 7. She will remain prime minister until a new leader has been elected to take over.
May has a complex legacy on LGBT+ issues. We explore the former Prime Minister’s stance on LGBT+ rights and why she will no longer be UK Prime Minister.

The politician first entered politics as a firm opponent of equality, but evolved her stance as Home Secretary, and as Prime Minister reaffirmed the party’s commitments on LGBT+ rights—though she also faced criticism from LGBT rights activists.
She started off her political career on a negative footing as far as LGBTQ+ right but she moved left over time.
Theresa May’s stance on LGBT+ rights continued to shift under David Cameron’s leadership. It was May who helped first ensure that proposals for same-sex marriage made it onto the Conservative agenda, promising a review ahead of the 2010 election.
May was frequently criticised by asylum groups for the degrading treatment of LGBT+ asylum seekers, who fled homophobic persecution.
The leader’s most significant intervention came on transgender rights.

Speaking at the PinkNews Awards in November 2017, she pledged: “We’ve set out plans to reform the Gender Recognition Act, streamlining and de-medicalising the process for changing gender, because being trans is not an illness and it shouldn’t be treated as such.”
What about politicians over here?

President Obama legacy…

  • Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act
  • Dylan Orr – Special Assistant for the Labor Department’s Office of Disability Employment Policy 
  • Amanda Simpson – Executive Director of the U.S. Army Office of Energy Initiatives (OEI) 
  • Trans attorney Shannon Minter to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships
  • Raffi Freedman-Gurspan– White House Staff
  • First time transgender is mentioned in a State of the Union Address
  • Health insurance: ACA & Medicare
  • Recognized protections: EEOC, OSHA, DoJ, & DoEd
  • Appoints trans woman Freedman-Gurspan as the White House’s LGBT liaison
  • Affirmed trans Title VII & Title IX protection
  • Executive order requiring companies with government contracts to not discriminate against LGBTQ employees.
  • Executive order requiring hospital to respect same sex marriages 

He is going to have to answer his maker one day and I think we all know where his scale will balance.
Connecticut governor Malloy…

  • Many here in Connecticut hate the governor Malloy but he was a strong supporter of LGBTQ+ rights.
  • Back in the early 2000’s he gave to trans groups, I attended a number of GenderPAC fundraisers where I first met him.
  • He pushed through the Gender Identity/Expression Non-Discrimination bill. When the bill was bogged down in the House without enough votes to pass it; the governor walked out on the House floor which is against the House rules and the Speaker was banging the gavel saying repeatedly “Will the governor get off the floor.” I don’t know what he said but the bill passed in the next half hour.

We can debate on taxes, tolls, the size of the government but I think what most politicians will be remembered for is how they protect and treat their citizens.

*Links to the laws are down the right side of the blog.

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