Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Flaunting It

Have you ever heard people say I am okay with you being transgender as long as you don’t flaunt it and their definition of “flaunting it” is being yourself or a gay or lesbian couple holding hands.

There is a name for that it is call cisgender privilege and heteronormative privilege. Their holding hands is okay and the public “personal display of affection” is limited to only their display.
One Million Moms wants Arthur cancelled for ‘promoting homosexual lifestyle’
The Pink News
By Nick Duffy
20th May 2019

Anti-LGBT evangelical group One Million Moms has slammed US broadcaster PBS after an episode of Arthur featured a gay wedding.

The long-running cartoon series aired a same-sex wedding as part of May 13 episode “Mr Ratburn and the Special Someone,” which revealed teacher Mr Ratburn getting married to another man.

The episode received praise from viewers, but apparently did not go down well with One Million Moms, an offshoot of the ultra-conservative American Family Association, which is known for campaigns against inclusive media content.

The group claims that more than 18,000 members have signed its petition calling on PBS to “cancel this controversial content immediately.”
It is censorship plain and simple.

Oh it is corrupting our children and changing them into gays and lesbians.

Someone who didn’t me and just looked at my internet usage back before could conclude that the trans stuff I was searching for made me trans, to them it was “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria” (ROGD). Just out of the blue I became trans.

A child who watched the Arthur and then came out gay or lesbian they say… see it made them gay!

But in reality all my life I fought this thing called “gender dysphoria,” I hid it good and deep, and I was afraid that if anyone found out about my “little secret” my world would come to an end. What the internet did was to show that I could have a life being an out trans person.

All my life until I turned 60 I didn’t have a social life, my world revolved around a five mile radius, work was 4 miles from my home, at night friends came over to watch TV and sports, or I went to bars in town where the “townies” hung out or I went over to one of the volunteer fire stations or to a party in town, and that was it, that was my life. So when I came out it was a shock to everyone and it seems like ROGD.

The conservatives don’t see it that way, they see it as the “Gay Agenda” recruiting young kids. They don’t see it as “being born that way” but rather as a lifestyle.

So when we go out in public to them we are flaunting it their face.

Though out history bigots felt the same way, blacks who moved into white neighborhoods were uppity.

The Chinese, Irish, Italian, and other minorities were forced in to ghettos in the cities. I remember one time when my family went to visit one of my uncles and he showed us around “Little Italy” in New York City and everyone there knew his name.

The bigots forced PBS in Alabama to take the show off the air.
Arthur ‘gay wedding’ episode banned by Alabama Public Television
The Pink News
By Vic Parsons
21st May 2019

Alabama Public Television has refused to show the premiere of the 22nd season of Arthur because it features a gay wedding.

Entitled “Mr Ratburn and the Special Someone,” the episode features the same-sex marriage of Arthur’s third-grade teacher, Mr Ratburn.

The episode first aired on May 13 but was not shown by Alabama Public Television (APT), which chose to show a re-run of an old Arthur episode instead.

“It would be a violation of trust to broadcast the episode,” the director of programming at APT, Mike McKenzie, told NBC News.
Well it is Alabama, the state that banned abortion, the state that fought integration to the bitter end, the same state that fought health insurance for their citizens, the state that the Republican Party is entrenched in.

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