Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Not Even Anywhere Near The Bus

The Pentagon just released their Human Rights Goals and we are not mentioned. The Washington Blade wrote that,
Pentagon’s gay-inclusive human goals charter omits trans people
April 28, 2014
By Chris Johnson

The Pentagon issued Monday a new declaration of its goals for human rights, and although the document affirms for the first time inclusion of gay, lesbian and bisexual service members, it omits any reference of either transgender troops or civilian workers.

The document, known as the Department of Defense Human Goals Charter, sets forth principles for the Pentagon to “create a culture of inclusion” in the U.S. armed forces — both on the military and the civilian side. Although the document sets goals for the department, it doesn’t necessarily reflect a change in policy or law.
Regarding the absence of “gender identity” from the military service portion of the document, Christensen [Lt. Cmdr. Nathan Christensen, a Pentagon spokesperson] said “there are no plans to change” to change the policy on transgender service.
There is no law banning trans-people from serving in the military, it isn’t like Don’t Ask Don’t Tell where they had to repeal a law, all they have to do is change their policy. At one time they said we couldn’t serve because of the DSM listing us as having a mental disorder so what excuses are they using now?

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  1. Diana,
    I believe the current DOD regulations specifies the actual version of the DSM they use for determining what is considered a mental defect. They are at least one but I believe two versions behind the current.