Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Walk

Over Easter I went up to my brother and sister-in-law’s condo in Maine and my niece was still there with her son. For lunch we had lobster rolls and my niece headed back to New Jersey and for dinner it was the three of us had ham and scalloped potatoes with a salad. Beside my niece and her son on Saturday my nephew and his family were there for "Easter Dinner" So they had a fill condo for most of the weekend and I came up just for Sunday and I returned home yesterday.

Later Sunday afternoon I went walking with my brother along an old trolley bed along the Mousam River and of course I took my camera with me. In the old days they grew salt hay in the tidal marshes and the trolley brought the tourists down to the beach, now it is part of the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge. As we were walking towards Kennebunk beach I spied a row of old fence posts that framed the marsh, I liked the way they drew your eyes along to the focal point off in the distances.

I like they way this  framed  but there are all the branches in the foreground. The pine tree as it curves around frames the scene nicely adn everything brings you to a apex in the distance... if only those darn branches were not there or I had a pair of boots.

Notice the difference in this picture, the composition is not as good but it is a better picture because the foreground is not cluttered and the next picture is from the other end of the fence posts looking back,
 you can see that it doesn't have the same visual impact as the other pictures because this one draws your eye back and it just ends in a wall of trees.

This picture I like because of the foreground fence posts and the pine tree on the right, it breaks up the open space into layers.

The last picture is of the same marsh but from a different perspective.

I like this perspective is better than the other one because of all the lines drawing your eye into the photograph, your eyes are drawn into the picture and you wonder where the stream goes, you can picture it as it rounds the far bend.

It was a hard day to photograph because it was around 3 in the afternoon, the sun is still high in the sky making the colors flat and overexposed; I tried taking picture on the other side of the trail but the glare off the water was too much. Also being early spring (there was still ice in some spots that were in the shade) the colors were mostly grey, green and blue and the marsh hay was still matted down.

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