Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Six #474

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six #474

1. What nickname for the bathroom (i.e., “restroom”, “toilet”, etc.) do you use most often?
In public “restrooms” but at home it’s the “bathroom”

2. What do you normally call the season of the year that follows summer: autumn or fall?
Fall, is in “the fall foliage”

3. What nicknames (i.e., “Granny”, “Pop”, etc.) did you use to address your grandparents?
On my father’s side, Nana and on my mother’s side “Grandma” but that was a long, long time ago almost 50 years ago.

4. What do you usually call the meal you have in the middle of the day: lunch or dinner?
Lunch, but…

5. What do you usually call the meal you have in the evening: dinner or supper?
Supper; however, we call a special meal dinner whether it is at lunch, in the afternoon or for supper, like Easter dinner.

6. What do you usually call a soft drink: a soda, a pop, a “Coke” (even it if’s something else) or a soft drink?
Soda. Which made it interesting when I was in Boston when the waiter asked me what I wanted to drink I said “soda” and I expected be followed up by a list of sodas that they have but instead he walked away. When he came back he had a bottle of club soda.

Bonus point: What do you call a store where you buy alcohol?
Here in CT we call it a “package store”

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  1. We have the same rule for a special meal - it's called dinner then no matter when it is eaten.