Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday Six – Episode 291

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six – Episode 291

1. In the last year, which single person has helped you relieve the most of your stress?
I don’t know if it one person, I have a network of friends and family that I can count on to help me.

2. In the last year, which single place have you found the most restful, relaxing place to be?

Up at our family’s lake cottage in New Hampshire

3. What single activity relieves the most stress for you?
Photography, I can zone out taking picture.

4. Do you feel that your church (or your faith) relieves more stress or causes more stress?

5. Take the quiz: How Should You De-stress?

You Should Play Some Music

Part of what's stressing you out is that you can't stop thinking about your problems. Whenever you try to relax, you can't stop your mind from racing.
The best thing you can do is crowd out your thoughts. And there's no easier way to do this than by cranking some music.

Dancing is optional but highly recommended. Give yourself a break from your stress and really let loose.
Or put on some of your old favorite music (happy music only though!). Sit back and remember what it was like not to be so overwhelmed.

6. Which is more important for you: to “de-stress” or “recharge?”
De-stressing, I need a place of quite to get away from the every day pressures

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