Thursday, April 27, 2017

I‘m Beside Myself… An Interesting Duet.

For us trans women our voices do not change, once the vocal cords are stretched there is no going back but for trans men their voice does change and that creates an interesting opportunity.

Trans Singer Records Duet With Himself Pre And Post Transition
“This is my heart medicine for those in need.”
Huffington Post
By James Michael Nichols
April 11, 2017

A transgender singer named Charlie Peck has recorded a beautiful tribute for the transgender community: a duet with himself featuring his higher register before beginning hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and with his lower register, recorded nine months into HRT.

Peck told The Huffington Post that he decided to make the video, which features a cover of “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, after watching other people’s voice comparison videos online ― and after thinking about how much of his identity is presented through his voice.

“I was first and foremost hoping for a voice that I could identify with,” Peck told The Huffington Post. “In contact with other humans, the filter through which everything you say is perceived is your voice. I was also really scared that I would not be able to sing any more. With these thoughts in my head an idea about singing as a way to show others my journey started to form. When I contacted my very talented friend, André Åhl Persson, who is also a musician, and he was willing and thrilled to do this project with me this seed of an idea started to grow.”
This must have taken a lot of planning once he decided to transition, he had to plan the dialog and choreograph the songs. Because there is no going back for a second take and I say songs because while I was looking up the song on YouTube I found he had done other songs…

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  1. Wonderful!! How beautiful, thanks for sharing.