Wednesday, November 28, 2007

CNN News

There was a news story on CNN about an assault at a McDonald’s in Memphis Tennessee, why did an assault make national news? There must a dozen assaults at restaurants across the country each day, so why was this covered?

It was because the assault was done by "drag queen" and “transvestite”, do you think the story would have been covered by CNN if they were not involved? Did that make the story worthy of the national news? Or was it to do more with transphobia or heterosexism?

I found this story totally derogatory; the story had air time just for its sensationalism at the expense of a minority. I found this story on the same level as racist, sexist, ethnic and religious bigotry.

What do you think lead up to the assault? Do you think that they did it just for the ”hell of it” deciding to beat up the employees because they were bored? Or was there provocation? In the video the reporter said an argument started at the drive-thru window; were there any trans-baiting comments involved? It should be interesting to see the surveillance video on what precipitated the incident.

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Fleur de Lisa said...

I think the story was covered for the "drama" of it. Shame on CNN. It sounds something more like FOX News would do. You're right, it's trans-phobia.