Thursday, May 24, 2007

Once in a While Great Things Happen

Yesterday something really great happened. Sometimes politicians can step above politics and show leadership and foresight, yesterday was one of those day. In the state Senate they voted on the Anti-Discrimination bill, SB1044 and the vote was almost unanimous, it was 30 Yeas, 4 Nays and 2 Absent. They were able to set aside their political differences and vote for what is right. From what I was told, the Chair of the Judicial Committee Senator McDonald (D) and Ranking Minority Member Senator Kissel (R) both made passionate speeches in favor of the bill.

Some would say this bill only affects a couple of thousand individuals in the state, but this bill affects ever citizen because when we treat everyone equally and fairly everyone benefits.

And I want to say a heartfelt Thank You to all the Senators who voted for this bill.


Shel said...

I echo your sentiments and thanks!

Cat. said...

YAY!! Hurrah! A great day. Congrats on the payoff for a LOT of hard work.

Diana_CT said...

But we are not even half the way through the legislative process. We still have to get it through the House and have the Governor sign the bill.
And we are facing stiff opposition to the bill; this is a battle of emails and phone calls. The other side does not want this bill passed and are doing everything they can to derail the bill. They have proposed six amendments that if passed could severely weaken the bill.
So we have to be just a vigilante to prevent that from happening.

Fleur de Lisa said...

30 Yays! Fantastic! There may be a long way to go but this is a great first step.