Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Getting to Know You Day

My question for this week:

If you could have a redo moment in your life, would you do it and what would it be? Not changing history drastically-it's all just a what if.

For example-would you have waited to get married later? Would you have had your children at an earlier age. Not have dated that strange girl/guy back in 11th grade

Now looking back at high school there was this girl that always found some excuse to be with me. But, as a typical male, I never realized until much later that maybe she liked me and wanted to go out on a date. However, it never dawned on me until much, much later that that might be the case. Maybe I might have gotten married and had kids; however if I did then it might have been much harder on me and them for me to transition. Oh well.

1 comment:

paintergirl said...

Oh I'm so glad you did this.

See sometimes there are moments. Those what ifs..

You may have gone out with her, and all the things could have happened like you said. But it sounds like you're in a pretty good place.