Saturday, January 18, 2020

Saturday 9: Miss Independent

Sam’s Saturday 9: Miss Independent (2003)

On Saturdays I take a break from the heavy stuff and have some fun…

Unfamiliar with this week's song. Hear it here.

1) The song begins with Kelly describing a woman who is "independent" and "self-sufficient." Are you feeling especially independent and self-sufficient this morning? Or is there a particular task on your to-do list that you wish you had help with?
Yes, taking down the Christmas decorations.

2) Kelly especially enjoys that this song was a hit, because she had to argue with the record company to even include it on her album. Tell us about a time you're glad fought to get your way.
Well… I helped pass a half a dozen laws and I am helping to bring about changes for seniors.

3) The video depicts a very lively party that spills from the house to the pool area. What's the last party you attended? Was it held indoors, outdoors, or did the revelers enjoy themselves both inside and outside?
It was indoors… a tree the Christmas tree party.

4)The partiers are playing with "silly string." Have you ever indulged in a "silly string" battle?
No, I always felt it was a stupid practice; spraying people with sticky stuff that gets into people’s hair.

5) Kelly Clarkson has a new daytime talk show. Who hosted the last entertainment talk show (as opposed to news) that you watched?
No one because I don’t watch them.

6) Kelly Clarkson told a foodie website that one of her favorite foods is sushi (especially California rolls). She said she's surprised how fond she is of it, since as a kid, sushi is a food she wouldn't even try. Tell us about something you had to be convinced to try, or do, that you were surprised to find you enjoyed.
I don’t know about enjoying it but I never believed in physical therapy, when I strained my back this spring everyone said to go to PT and I said my back has always gotten better on its own. Well after a summer in pain I broke down and went to PT, after the first appointment my back felt better and after the month of PT my back fine and now I have a set of exercises that I can do if I sprain my back again.

7) In 2003, when "Miss Independent" was released, Microsoft and Sony were furiously competing for gamers' attention. Do you own Playstation or Xbox, neither or both?
Nope, I don’t own any game boxes.

8) Also in 2003, the best-selling cookbook was The King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion. It features foolproof recipes for old favorites like waffles, pancakes, flat breads and crackers. When you look for a new recipe, are you searching for an easier/better way to make something familiar, or are you more likely looking to try something new?
I am more likely to try a new recipe, but I go online to see other recipes and combine elements of the different recipes to customize the recipe.

9) Random question: Which has gotten you in more trouble -- love or money?
Love… Back in high school I got stood up once and I saw the person on a date with another person that night at McDonald's. 


  1. #2 -- I think you're awesome.

    #4 -- I agree!

  2. #1- maybe you aren't ready for Christmas to be over! #2- That is awesome! I am proud to know you! #4- I totally agree and have family that does that and I just look at them like they have two heads. #9- the same thing happened to me! Who has a date at McDonalds? I guess it happens. I am glad you are back! Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend!

  3. I am a big believer in physical therapy. And I agree with Gal, you are totally awesome.

  4. I have been dragging my feet about physical therapy, but my leg is getting pretty bad...sometimes I don't even have to walk more than a few steps for it to flare up. Good to hear it has helped you, maybe that will inspire me to go.