Wednesday, September 27, 2017

From The Frying Pan Into The Fire

Last week I posted on Facebook an article about the Republican primaries in Alabama and how one candidate was anti-LGBT,
Alabama Senate Front-Runner: Evolution Is Fake And Homosexuality Should Be Illegal
Former judge Roy Moore says “God’s law” should trump man’s.
Huffington Post
By Antonia Blumberg
September 21, 2017

U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore has approached his work over the decades as he once approached mastering kickboxing and building a house with own hands: with laser focus and a fervent belief that he has God on his side.

Moore, 70, is vying to become the next U.S. senator for Alabama, and his chances are looking good. A poll released Monday by Louisiana-based JMC Analytics and Polling found that the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court holds an 8-point lead in the Republican primary run-off over his opponent, U.S. Sen. Luther Strange, who was appointed by Alabama’s governor in February to temporarily fill the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Whoever wins will face Democrat Doug Jones, whose odds are low in the overwhelmingly red state.

Both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and President Donald Trump back Strange. But Moore’s unabashed religious views and apparent disregard for the legal establishment have won hearts in the overwhelmingly Christian state.

In February, several months after being suspended from court for defying federal orders on same-sex marriage, Moore appeared on the radio show of a pastor who has claimed the Bible calls for the death penalty for gay people.
When the pastor asked him: “What does one do when God’s laws conflict with man’s laws?” Moore responded, “God’s laws are always superior to man’s laws.”
While Senator Strange was no cupcake either but Moore is a lot worst and he will probably be the next U.S. senator from Alabama.

He is quoted in the Washington Post saying that,
Moore, unlike any other Senate candidate in recent history, made his belief in the supremacy of a Christian God over the Constitution the cornerstone of his campaign.

“I want to see virtue and morality returned to our country and God is the only source of our law, liberty and government,” Moore said during Thursday’s debate with incumbent Sen. Luther Strange, who was backed by President Trump and the Republican establishment.

The central argument of Moore’s campaign, The Washington Post’s Michael Scherer reported, is that removing the sovereignty of a Christian God from the functions of government is an act of apostasy, an affront to the biblical savior as well as the Constitution. He even carries a pocket pamphlet that he published with a legal theory of God’s supremacy.
The only good news out of this is…
Trump appears to delete tweets backing Strange after primary loss
The Hill
By Jacqueline Thomsen
September 26, 2017

President Trump on Tuesday apparently began deleting his tweets supporting Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.) in Alabama's Senate primary after Strange lost the race to former state Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore.

Trump had tweeted about Strange several times in the days leading up to the primary, including the day of, but those tweets had disappeared as of Tuesday night.

The deleted tweets included those he sent the night before the election and the day of the race. A project from ProPublica documents the deleted tweets.

“Big election tomorrow in the Great State of Alabama. Vote for Senator Luther Strange, tough on crime & border — will never let you down!” read one of the deleted tweets.
(I don’t know if the president realizes that you can never delete anything on the internet)

This doesn’t bode well for us or the country, a senator who outspokenly believes that the Bible trumps the Constitution is not good and one that believes that we should be stoned to death is not good for us.

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