Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Way To Go Maryland

Maryland maybe about to join the states that allow birth certificates to be changed without surgery.
Lawmakers approve new birth certificates for transgender people
By Erin Cox and Timothy B. Wheeler
The Baltimore Sun
March 24, 2015

Transgender people could apply to change the gender on their birth certificates to reflect their identity under identical bills passed by each chamber of the General Assembly Tuesday.

The legislation would require the state to issue new birth certificates reflecting the name and gender of a transgender person if a medical practitioner certifies it is warranted. Those new birth certificates would not be allowed to be marked "amended."
Of course the Republicans don’t like the bill…
Republican Sen. Ed Reilly of Anne Arundel County disputed whether it was fair to do so.

"I think we are providing folks an extra level of consideration at the detriment of others," he said, notably those who are adopted, who are able to get amended birth certificates but not brand new ones identifying their biological parents.
Senator, adopted children do not get thrown out of bathrooms, or get denied jobs, or any of the other forms of discrimination that trans people face every day.

The blog goes on to say that the bill passed both houses by a veto proof margin.

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