Monday, March 16, 2015

Bad News In The News Today (Part 2)

Today there is bad news to report; the second news article involves their when trans celebrities get involved.
Zoey Tur on Dr. Drew calls trans woman at Planet Fitness a “cross dressing fetishist”
Planet Transgender
By Kelli Busey
March 12, 2015
Zoey Tur the helicopter reporter who made a name for herself during the LA riots and later transitioning is again making a name for herself. Tur appeared on the Dr. Drew show as its transgender reporter this week. Tur gave her opinion about the Planet Fitness event and Carlotta Sklodowska, who self-identified as transgender.
Tur answers “I did some research I’m very careful about these sorts of things and I looked at social media and I also talked to the receptionist at Planet Fitness so you’re dealing with a cross dresser.” Tur goes son to explain she has many friend that are cross dressers. “It’s not a transsexual its a male who gets off on wearing woman’s clothing.”
As far as I can tell all the news media reports say that Carlotta is transgender, I didn’t see any news reports to state otherwise, I didn’t see any news reports that went into details of her sexual life.

I have transitioned seven years ago, I have been out for over fifteen years, and one thing that I do know is that you never comment on who is trans and who isn’t trans. Only that person knows how they identify, not someone else. It takes time to understand this and for those who are thrust into the spotlight when they first come out might not realize that and I cringe whenever I see a celebrity shoved into the position of being a spokesperson for the trans community.

I cannot know the reasons why Zoey Tur said what she did but I hope that she will eventually realize the damage she has done.

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