Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Transgender Employees And Health Care

I do not like the HRC after what they have done to the community, but at the same time I must recognize that there are some good publications that come from them. The latest is… “Transgender-Inclusive Health Care Coverage and the Corporate Equality Index”. For states that now have protection against discrimination, I think that we should work toward ending insurance discrimination. I the health insurance that I have through my former employer, it has a clause that denies healthcare coverage for anything related to Gender Identity Disorder (GID) which I believe is now in direct violation of Connecticut anti-discrimination statute. My policy says…
Transsexual Surgery
For any treatment leading to or in connection with transsexual surgery, except for sickness or injury resulting from such treatment or surgery.
You can’t get anymore discriminatory, it says in black and white, we are discriminating against transsexuals and will not cover what the AMA, APA, WPATH and the federal government all say is a medical necessity. It is time to end that discrimination!

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