Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Six #411

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six #411

Here’s the 411…

1. Consider the last time you went shopping to a single store: which store was it?
The grocery store.

2. Consider the last time you went shopping at a mall: which store was the first one you went into?
I can’t even remember that far back.

3. Do you prefer to shop in a mall or in a strip of stores downtown?
I’m not a big fan of malls, I prefer strip stores. The local malls have become hangouts for teenagers.

4. You have to go downtown to purchase something in a store there, but the only parking places are parallel spaces near the store or a parking garage five blocks away: which are you more comfortable using?
I would park in the parallel parking space even though I hate them. One time I had to parallel park when I went to Yale for a conference, I must pulled back and forth over a dozen times. When I got out of my car there were students sitting on a wall in front of the building and they clapped. I curtsied for them.

5.Have you ever bumped another car while trying to park your own car?
Sad to say yes. It was snowing and the parking lot was covered with ice, I slid and broke their headlight.

6. If you bumped a car while parking and you noticed a small mark on the car’s fender that you might have caused, but saw that no one saw you bump it, would you leave a note, or just move elsewhere and pretend it never happened?
I had them paged over the store PA system.

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