Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Six Episode 409

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six Episode 409

1. Which single brand of product — any kind of product — have you been loyal to for the longest?
I had a hard time trying to think of a brand that I’m loyal to and the only thing I can think of is Toyota. because I usually shop for price.

2. What is it about that particular brand’s product that has kept you as a customer for so long?
Because I love my Prius, this is my second Prius and I hope to buy my third one this spring. My current Prius has 105,000 mile on it with no problems.

3. Which product that you used to buy by brand name are you most likely to buy generically now?
As I said earlier, I usually shop by price. Quality is also important and I will always go with the cheapest one as long as the quality or taste is there.

4. Do you detect no difference from the brand-name version to the generic version, or was it more a case of cost that made you go generic?
Cost. Being on a fixed income, I have to watch my pennies.

5. If you checked your pantry, which single brand would you have the most products from on your shelves?
Campbell’s soup and I buy those because they’re cheap. When they are on sale you can buy the Tomato or Chicken Noddle soup for $1 a can.

6. Of any kind of product, which brand is one that you feel means high quality despite the fact that you don’t own anything from that particular brand yourself?
I don’t think about brands that much. I think brand names cost more because of all the advertising they do to burn their produce into your brain.

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