Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday 9: Da Ya Think I'm Sexy

Crazy Sam’s Saturday 9: Da Ya Think I'm Sexy

1. When do you feel that you are at your sexiest?
After 3 rum and cokes

2. What's your favorite magazine? Why?
I don’t get any magazine any more, they gotten way too expensive. The last magazine that I got was PC Photo

3. What’s something you do more quickly than most people?
Get in-line for a buffet. Don’t get between me and food!

4. When do you first remember using a computer?
It was back in 1968 and it was an IBM1620. The first computer that I own was an AIM 65 back in 1977 with an amazing 8K of RAM and the program was stored on a tape recocder.

5. Who is the craziest person in your family?
I guess I am.

What one thing are you craving today?
Food! Or more practically seafood

What is your favorite thing to spend money on?

8. What’s the part of your morning you least look forward to every day?
Getting out of bed. When you are retired there is no rush to get out of bed. I usually get out of bed when my stomach starts to growl for breakfast

9. What are some rules you have for yourself that don’t really make much sense?
Get dressed before 9:00 AM.


  1. Great. Now I'm craving lobster. :)

  2. Your answer about the buffet line cracked me up!

  3. My son is like that with buffets as well.

    Have a great Saturday!

  4. OMGosh your rum and coke and buffet line answers cracked me up! We have similarities except I like my JD. lol