Friday, September 16, 2016

It Is About Time

Well it finally happened, a trans person was promoted in the Navy. This is a major step for trans servicemembers since we were allowed to serve.
In a First, Openly Transgender Service Member Promoted
NBC News
By Fiona Dawson
September 15, 2016

Just two and a half months ago, as NBC OUT exclusively reported, Navy Lt. Cdr. Blake Dremann was one of four service members historically stepping out of Secretary of Defense Ash Carter's office a week prior to the announcement ending the ban on transgender troops. Then at a ceremony last Friday, Dremann became the first known openly transgender service member promoted since that repeal. To top it off, everyone on his promotion stage was transgender.

Flanked by the American, Navy and Senior Executive Service flags, wearing his male summer whites and surrounded by his parents, family, friends, admirals, officers and representatives from a number of advocacy groups, Dremann stood to attention at the front of the President's Room at the Navy Memorial.

"I couldn't have asked for better people, a better place, or a better person to swear me in. I wouldn't have changed a thing," Dremann told NBC OUT.
Deputy Assistant Secretary
of Defense for Operational
Energy Amanda Simpson (left)
 and Navy Lt. Cdr. Blake
Dremann (right)
 Ames Photography
And who was there to promote him? Amanda Simpson the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy.
At his invitation, Dremann was promoted by Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy Amanda Simpson, who in 2010 became the first transgender woman appointee ever in the U.S. government, and today is the highest ranking transgender person in the Department of Defense as well as the federal government.

"I suppose I should start by addressing the significance of today's ceremony," Simpson said in opening. "To my knowledge this is the first U.S. military promotion ceremony for an openly transgender officer."
Hopefully Lt. Cdr. Blake Dremann will be the first of many and who knows maybe someday he will be Admiral.

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