Wednesday, December 28, 2016

This Is My Problem

Finding something that fits, when I transitioned I joined the ranks of “plus size” women in their quest to find fashionable clothes.
A plus-size transgender model just made history by landing a major fashion campaign
MIC Style
By Rachel Lubitz

The year 2016 was a hallmark year for transgender women in fashion. In September, fashion weeks on the whole saw a huge influx of transgender models walking the runway. By the end of the year, transgender women like Hari Nef, Jazz Jennings, Andreja Pejic and Laverne Cox had been featured on magazine covers.

So it's really only fitting that in the last few days of this year, trans models continue to make history.

This time, it involves model Shay Neary, who is now the first out plus-size trans model to snag her very own fashion campaign.
Meanwhile, Coverstory was interested in casting a plus-sized trans model — and had been for a while now — but according to Coverstory's Heidi Kan, it was difficult to find a trans model above a size 6 or 8 working right now.
The other problem trans women have is that all our curves are not the same as cis women, my hips are not that wide and as a result clothes for me tend to by baggy at the hips.

My dream is not to have to go looking for clothes in the plus sizes, not so much because of my weight but more because of my diabetes, as I lose weight my blood glucose levels drop.

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