Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Good Old Bathrooms Are Back In The News

But this time it shows the BS that the Republicans say about trans people using bathrooms.
Most women happy to share bathrooms with transgender women
One reason for men's concerns about transgender women using female-designated public bathrooms is because they see themselves as 'protectors of women'.
December 20, 2016

Most women aren't concerned about sharing public bathrooms with transgender women. But many men are concerned about the safety and privacy of the women in their lives, a new online opinion survey says.

A transgender woman is someone who identifies as female, but was registered at birth as male.

Researchers analysed 1,035 comments posted by readers of 190 online news articles about transgender women's use of public bathrooms. The issue is controversial, particularly in the United States, where so-called "bathroom bills" are being considered for transgender use of public facilities.

Men were about 1.55 times more likely than women to express safety and privacy concerns. Women were much less likely to comment on the news stories. When they did, they were more restrained than men
PsychCentral said that,
Such male transphobia seems to have its roots in how men see themselves as the protectors of women, said Dr. Rebecca Stones of Nankai University in China and Monash University in Australia.

The study has practical implications, as transgenderism has become controversial lately. In the U.S., for example, so-called “bathroom bills” are being considered that will determine whether transgender people can use restrooms that are in line with their current gender identity, or if they will have to go to those designated for their birth gender only.
Once again it is men who know best what is right for women.
Stones says that male transphobia appears to be tied to the male gender role of protector. It is reflected in comments such as, “‘I don’t want some guy-turned-girl in a restroom while my wife is in there” and, “I have a teenage daughter and I demand that her privacy be protected from a gender-confused pervert that may walk in on her while she’s in the restroom!”

She theorizes that the concerns expressed by men in their online comments are also rooted in how they view transgender females. They see them not as women, but still as men who are just lying or are merely mistaken about their gender identity.
Whether it is reproductive rights or who can use the bathroom it men who rule the roost and pass these draconian laws against women and trans women. It is their misogyny and transphobia that drive them to pass these laws. The women don’t care who uses the women’s room, all they care about peeing in peace.

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