Thursday, December 02, 2010

My Story Part 55 – Regrets

My biggest regret is that I wish when I was interviewed by the press, that I didn’t use my real name. Now when you Google my name, there is no doubt that I am transgender.

Google sees all…Google knows all.

I have a friend who did that. When he married, he took his wife’s last name and he uses his old name for all of the trans-activism that he does out in the community. I wish that I had thought of that when I first was interviewed down in Washington DC and that interview from 2007 still shows up when I do a vanity search. There is no putting the cat back in the bag.

The worst offendersare those web-sites that collect data on people as business affiliations. I am listed as working for companies that were mentioned in articles that had my name in them. I have contacted a number of them to take my name down and they have, but it keeps popping back up on their sites.

So a word to the wise, it you do not want you name forever and ever associated with being transgender, do not post anything on the web with your last name.

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