Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Throwing Us Under The Bus Again…

Lets set the Way Back Machine to December 2002…
New York State passes the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act (SONDA). Ever since the Stonewall Uprising, the trans-community fought to be included in the legislations, only to be rebuffed by the Gay organizations. When our goal of inclusion was finally in sight, a back room deal excluded us from the bill that passed. The Gay community said don’t worry, we will help you now to pass a Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA). In April of 2008, the Empire Pride Agenda scheduled a big rally for GENDA legislation, however, a few days before the rally Governor Paterson said that he supported marriage equality…BAM, over night the rally focus became marriage equality. Throwing us under the bus once again.

This brings us up to the elections this past November,
Gay rights take center stage in N.Y.
By Ben Smith & Byron Tau

NEW YORK — Last spring, a low-profile Colorado millionaire, Tim Gill, and other gay donors financed a quiet wave of polling in a state Senate district in Buffalo and another in a Hispanic section of Queens.

The question: Would the news that a candidate “was being targeted by wealthy homosexual activists for his vote against gay marriage” make voters more or less likely to support him? Sizable majorities responded that they didn’t care much one way or the other.
Gay donors “came out of the closet with this,” said David Mixner, a veteran gay activist who called the New York campaign “transformational.”
And so what became of GENDA… it got pushed to the back burner to simmer. Once again we hear, “Don’t worry, your rich gay brothers and sisters will come back for you.” Yup, we heard that many times before.

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