Monday, November 03, 2008

Why I Am Voting “NO” on the Constitutional Convention Question Part 6

In California Proposition 8, special interest groups have spent over $60 million dollars lobbying the public and $1.6 million dollars came from the Knights of Columbus located here in Connecticut. Here in Connecticut the Knights of Columbus are also a heavy spender on our ballot question on the Constitutional Convention.

The reason that the Connecticut Catholic Conference, the Knights of Columbus and the Family Institute of Connecticut are spending millions of dollars on ballot initiatives is that they want to pass Constitutional amendments to limit marriage to between a man and a woman. They also want to ban abortions, to limit immigrants rights to basic human services. In addition, they are trying to repel the Anti-Discrimination laws on sexual orientation and to prevent the passage of a gender inclusive Anti-Discrimination law. All those television commercials to vote “yes” on the Constitution Convention ballot question are paid for by the Connecticut Catholic Conference.

We do not want ballot initiatives that are bought with special interest groups’ money.

Vote “NO” on question #1 tomorrow.

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