Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It Never Ends…

I do not think that Islan Nettles will ever find justice.
Charges Dropped Against Man Accused of Beating Transgender Woman to Death
DNAinfo New York
By Jeff Mays
November 19, 2013

MANHATTAN SUPREME COURT — Charges were dropped Tuesday against a Harlem man accused of beating transgender woman Islan Nettles to death because of conflicting accounts about who actually attacked her, prosecutors said.

But the Manhattan District Attorney's office said it will continue to investigate homicide charges in the case.
After Wilson was arrested in the case, his mother brought another man to police who confessed to the crime, but claimed not to remember much because he was intoxicated. Police initially believed the confession of the second man to be false.

Prosecutors said they are certain only one person assaulted Nettles. However, some witnesses identified Wilson as the person who beat Nettles, but others say the man who confessed was responsible for the beating. That second man has not been identified.

That inconsistency among witnesses has prevented the District Attorney's office from bringing the case before a grand jury. The office has pleaded with the public for any additional witnesses to come forward and sources say the only thing likely to move the case forward are new witnesses.
I don’t think that unless they find physical evidence will they ever prove beyond a reasonable doubt who killed.

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